AGV Sports Group Approach

Our unique mentorship program has over a dozen opportunities available.

When you sign on with AGV Sports Group you are essentially enlisting in a 12 week boot camp that will hone your skills and whip your attitude into shape. We afford you with a unique opportunity to gain practical, real-world experience in a high-demand environment. We know all too well how common it is for students to graduate college and not even have an understanding of basic everyday life or business operations.

During these three months you will do a lot of growing up, maturing, and become a more independent adult. For example, you will learn what it means to be dependable, to be someone who can fulfills their obligations, who can communicate effectively (both written and verbally), who works well with others, and who can complete tasks under strict deadlines. You will do something unheard of – use common sense problem-solving skills (a commodity these days) to overcome obstacles presented to you. Likewise, you will become more self-reliant using everything you have learned, about business and the everyday world. Classes pertaining to your major will not substitute the type of on-the-job participation you will have here. Education within a college and/or university is no longer the golden ticket in today's job market.

This hands-on experience that will not only prepare you for today's job market, but will transform you into an asset for any company you choose to work for. It is not like the standard program that other companies provide which typically consists of typical grunt work, time-fillers, filing papers, data entry, or has you running errands. Through close direction and personal management, you will delve into many areas. You will learn how to be self-sufficient while still working closely with others. You will be getting exposure to not only your field, but other departments too. Thus making you a more competent, well-rounded worker.

Most people learn by doing. You should never be expected to absorb information by osmosis, as you are in college lectures. This program makes it so you have no other choice than to be actively engaged. Each day has you doing something new. So that “what next?” bored feeling that you get in class, here you can replace it with a sense of accomplishment as you have the freedom to work on all kinds of projects. Projects that you will see through to fruition. Some will be completed independently, while others you will work in groups. Either way you are an integral part of a team, and the overall company functionality.

This experience is an excellent chance to enhance the qualities and skills that every company looks for from a full-time employee. Check out our programs with variable benefits and workloads.