Helicopter parents, Feminists, Lawyers, and Single moms

In today’s world parenting, political correctness, and the way society is viewed causes the many problem we have today in the real world.

Helicopter parenting is a big epidemic when talking about young people surviving in the real world. Single parent homes are sometimes found to have helicopter parenting due to overprotection of the child because there is no other parent to help out. In today’s society children are expected to receive positive reinforcements and have everything planned out for them from job interviews to being able to do laundry. There are amusing stories everywhere of parents who are at the hip of their child no matter the case. In one case, there was a girl who was applying or a finance position. Her mom came with her to the interview and even sat in on the interview because she wanted to make sure that the daughter said all that she needed to and didn’t get too nervous. It’s a situation like this that exemplifies how bad helicopter parenting can be. Problems with individualism and fear of failure are two of the many that arise due to this parenting epidemic. Decisions cannot be made without relying on one another. Parents want their kids to be the best in every way, and of course who wouldn’t want that? However, when a child has every problem solved and everything done for them, it doesn’t help them learn how to be independent. It masks them from reality and when they are pushed out onto their own they have no idea how to function.

Political correctness is a big problem that causes everyone to keep to themselves and not speak up. People in the workplace, whether on TV or just having a conversation with a co-worker or boss, can’t voice something that may actually be correct just because they are afraid of being wrong, ridiculed, or even fired from their job. Giving someone feedback that is actually true or telling someone they can’t do something for a specific reason may turn into a lawsuit. Everything is by the book and you can’t be right if it goes against what the world now believes is right. These limitations take away from what reality really is.

Feminism shines a bright light on how men still look down upon women in society today. Feminists fighting for their turn to be on top and have their voices heard because men have ruled for too long. Instead of making the most of what has been progressed on throughout decades of fighting for equality, feminists continue to act as victims and not build on what has been done. Instead of complimenting a girl or acting like a gentlemen being nice, it has turned into it being “perverted” or “making a girl feel girly”. Men are supposed to do chivalrous things like open a door for a lady or give a lady their coat because it is expected in order to be gentlemen; however, they get bashed by feminists for acting like they are above women because women should be able to do everything men can even if it is against societal norms. It ties into political correctness at times because one can be accused of sexism with one wrong action; therefore no one wants to ever test the waters anymore. Having a male do a task that is more suited for men than a women, like carry a 50 pound box into the office, can be considered sexist instead of right.