The value and quality of a University in today's world

The important thing to look at is whether the career one wants to pursue even requires an Undergraduate education or above. Sure, there are careers that require a four-year-college degree, but that is not the case for all careers. Some fields like personal training or carpentry require apprenticeships or certifications rather than a bachelor’s degree.  Apprenticeships are geared directly toward a specific area, whereas standard colleges require a year of general education classes. There are many instances where people who come out of college and don’t know how to manage their money. Financing classes aren’t a general education requirement, so if one has a major that has nothing to do with finances they won’t get the benefit of learning how to manage money. Managing money is one of the many important things that must be learned for the real world but it isn’t required to learn about in school.

College loan debt is also unbelievably high. Coming out of school with thousands of dollars in debt makes that paycheck smaller every year until it is paid off. It’s even worse if you fall under the category of people who don’t know how to manage their money. On top of that, with jobs being so scarce it creates a burden on being able to get employment and pay off those loans.

Knowing the requirements for the job or field one desires can be extremely beneficial. Who knows, maybe you don’t need that four-year degree to carry out your passion.


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